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Articles From Chaz Lipp in January
Friday Jan 26, 2018 05:00 PM ET
Scary and funny, the 2017 'It' does Stephen King proud. A cast of mostly young newcomers delivers rich performances.
Friday Jan 26, 2018 40:00 PM ET
The excellent cast, led by Ewan McGregor in a dual role as two brothers with a highly troubled relationship, makes 'Fargo' well worth watching.
Friday Jan 26, 2018 00:00 PM ET
Mockumentary-style comedy written and directed by 'SNL' funnyman Taran Killam. The titular character is played by a certain '80s action icon.
Sunday Jan 21, 2018 30:00 PM ET
While 'The LEGO Movie' and 'The LEGO Batman Movie' were decidedly overrated animated excursions, they were a darn sight more entertaining than the ultimately garish 'Ninjago' misstep.
Sunday Jan 21, 2018 55:00 PM ET
Searing docudrama about the deadly 1967 Detroit riots. You probably missed it when it was in theaters—catch up with it now on home video.
Sunday Jan 21, 2018 25:00 PM ET
A big summer hit with technical brilliance to spare, it's director Christopher Nolan's brand-name value that put people in the seats.
Friday Jan 5, 2018 10:00 AM ET
Understated biopic of a survivor of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, directed by David Gordon Green and starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

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