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Articles From Bill Bentley in February
Saturday Feb 23, 2013 20:00 PM ET
Like Plato struggling for sense in his famous cave, the modern singer breaks out of the shadows in a heroic attempt to set himself free.
Sunday Feb 17, 2013 40:00 PM ET
Music that was once great is always great, and in the right hands should have every chance to shine again.
Monday Feb 11, 2013 45:00 AM ET
Sometimes it's all about the mystery. Rather than endlessly pursue information and past statistics, music is often meant to just wash over you, leaving details to another day.
Monday Feb 4, 2013 10:00 PM ET
In the history of rock music, there really isn't a story quite like the Box Tops. Their 16-year-old singer Alex Chilton had the vocal grit of someone twice that age—not to mention a different race—and continually stumped audiences when they saw his photo.

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