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Articles From Bill Bentley in January
Sunday Jan 27, 2013 45:00 PM ET
If a knockout emotional punch is what you're looking for, start right here.
Sunday Jan 20, 2013 50:00 AM ET
There are untold musical heroes spread out across the country. They play constantly, building local followings and often wondering why national attention doesn't come their way.
Saturday Jan 12, 2013 55:00 AM ET
Jazz is such a prideful part of America's history, it would be a great thing if once a year every citizen would purchase an album from the musical style which is the envy of the world. Jazz was born here; why not pitch in and celebrate its exuberance too?
Saturday Jan 5, 2013 00:00 AM ET
Finally, the English band that did more to turn young Americans on to real-deal blues than any othert aggregation brings it all back home and plays with the Big Daddy. Sort of.

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